Beetroot Dot-and-Cross 2008

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 | Folio, Illustration
Beetroot Dot - and - Cross

Beetroot Girl

Drawn with a spoon and left over beetroot juice in my lunchbox, at work in London 2008.

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Debra Emig
December 4, 2010

Love the Beetroot Girl! I have been a pattern maker/cutter and freelance designer for over 25 yr.
I see inspiration everywhere…I once saw an interesting design on a cookie I was to eat for lunch, I believe you call them biscuits, (I lived in London at college) so I needed to enlarge the design, I placed my cookie in the copy machine, enlarged it and out came a great idea for inspiring a concept on a jacket, as I quilt and create fabric art as well. Then I ate the cookie!

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