Fashion Illustration Courses

As there has been a lot of interest in the fashion illustration course at Central St Martins, I decided to give a quick rundown of the details.

Central St Martins in London, UK is one of the world’s top fashion schools.  They offer short courses in addition to their main courses.  There are many to choose from in all subjects, including design, drawing, patternmaking, marketing and computers.

The course I chose was called Fashion Sketchbook, which took you through the sketchbook development stages.  The main class time was spent learning how to draw the figure correctly from a live model, and how to interpret this into a fashion figure.  We went back to the foundations of design and as you can see by my loose illustrations on the folio page – they are not fashion designs yet.  They are the conceptual stages of shapes, textures and colours used to manipulate the shape of the body.  I am still developing my skills and what I learned in that course has had a huge impact on my perception of design.

Click the link below to find out more about short courses at Central St Martins:

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