Patternmaking Courses for Fashion Industry in 2013

I have just been contacted by Barbara Davis, who runs 2 Patternmaking intensive short courses at Kangan Tafe in Melbourne.  The courses are scheduled to run this year if there are enough numbers.  So I thought I would put the word out to drum up some interest!!

I have completed both of the courses below, and have found that it has greatly increased my technical knowledge and confidence in Patternmaking and Garment Tech areas of my current role.  I am working for fast fashion supplier, and the courses have helped me to work with great speed and accuracy which is required in such a high pressured environment.  I have also worked for smaller designer labels, in which the knowledge can be explored in more detail for more intricate designs.

If you are interested in furthering your Skills as a Patternmaker, or just gaining more knowledge about perfecting garment fit and sizing in QA, Production or Design.   The skills you would learn in these Patternmaking courses are invaluable to any role in the garment manufacturing business.  Please read the information below regarding the courses, and feel free to contact Barbara, as she is more than happy to discuss the material and whether it is suitable for you.

Barbara is a Senior Patternmaker with over 30 years experience in the fashion industry and a Masters Degree in Pattern Technology.  In 1994, she commenced a research project in the areas of block construction and advanced grading methods.  By researching and experiencing Pattern and Block construction methods from around the globe she has been able to develop a successful method of block development for all types of the average female body.   The ICCON technology she has developed has been implemented into many large and small companies such as Myer Grace Bros, KMart, Target, Sussan, Sportsgirl, Sportscraft, S&R Fashions, Solo Voyager and Scanlan & Theodore.

The courses are:

1) Towards Patternmaking as a Source of Competitive Advantage (Block drafting and learning  the ICCON Methods)

2) Patternmaking Excellence for Fashion Industry Professionals (Block manipulation for successful Patterns using ICCON Methods)

You will need to have studied or worked in this field to enroll in the courses, it is fantastic for those working as Patternmakers, Graders, Garment Technicians, Sewing  Machinists, Quality Assurance Positions, Product Developers & Designers.  I feel that as we are all working together in our respective roles, we do need to understand the very core of the product we are working with.  Helping these professionals to understand pattern and garment construction will reduce the overall time spent in developing and fitting a style – therefore saving money.

I feel that the overall aim of this course and the ICCON Technology is to construct blocks and garments that will fit the highest possible percentage of the market.  Once the Patternmaker understands how to use these blocks successfully, it is possible to produce more patterns that fit with minimal alterations  first or second go.  Therefore becoming much more efficient in the process, and more able to eliminate issues along the way.


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