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Bettina Liano: Patternmaker 2009-2010

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 | Folio, News, Patternmaking | No Comments


After working in the London fast fashion game, I wanted to get back to Australian designed & made clothing.  That was one one the big things I missed about Melbourne!  We have a very unique industry here.

Working for Bettina Liano taught me a lot.  It was fantastic to learn from someone who has survived in this industry for over 20 years!

I got to get back to being more creative & experimental in my work as well as developing my technical skills further.

Below are some images of styles I worked on at Bettina Liano:


Bettina Liano Winter 2010














Bettina Liano Summer 2011














London: Creative Patternmaker 2007 & 2008

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 | Folio, Patternmaking | No Comments

Working in London has given me a greater understanding of the fashion industry.  I worked within the fast fashion sector as a Creative Patternmaker.  It was important for me to interpret the design with confidence and accuracy, as the first pattern was used to cut the buying sample in correct fabric to be sent straight to customer – or to be used in sales meetings. Below are some examples of first samples from KUBE Clothing.

Communication with the Designers and Sample Machinists, as well as Garment Tech was important in making sure correct decisions were made, so that the garment would be commercially viable for production from the beginning.

Both companies I worked for in the UK were small wholesale operations, supplying leading “High Street” Labels.  Because of the size of the companies, it was a great opportunity for me to help out in other areas such as Garment Technology, Fits and Alterations where necessary.  At one point while working at KUBE, they did not have a Garment Tech so I stood in and was able to take my knowledge of this side of the process to the next level.

River Island's online store - a dress i worked on

River Island Website - A dress I worked on at KUBE

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BODY: Design Assistant/Patternmaker 2004-2006

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When the Visual Merchandiser came back to work I was offered the Head Office position of Workroom Assistant.  Because of my knowledge of the BODY stores and product as well as my recent completion of Clothing Industry Studies course, the intention was that I would quickly learn the ropes and became the Design Assistant/Patternmaker soon after.  This was a fantastically creative position in a small company manufacturing locally in Melbourne.  I learned so much here and became skilled enough in Patternmaking to be able to successfully work in London when I left.  Below are a few examples of my Patternmaking.
BODY spring summer 06/07

BODY spring summer 06/07

BODY AW 06/07

BODY Autumn/Winter 07/08

BODY Spring Summer 05/06

BODY Spring Summer 05/06

BODY Autumn Winter 07/08

BODY Autumn Winter 07/08

BODY Autumn Winter 07/08

BODY Autumn Winter 07/08

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